Is Taylor Swift’s CAT Worth More Financially than her BOYFRIEND?

If you missed it, recent news reports that Taylor Swift‘s cat is worth $97 million (according to a Forbes-style list of the world’s wealthiest pets compiled by the website last week) – and that surpasses the net worth of her famous NFL player boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who has accumulated more than $40 million.  He’s a starter for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Swift’s famous feline is named Olivia Benson, after a character on TV’s Law & Order:  SVU.  They’ve been together since 2014.  Olivia has her own merchandise, has made cameo appearances, and done ads for Diet Coke and more.

[NOTE:  My cat, Oreo Roosevelt, is pictured here, by the fire.  LOL  ~ Mo]

But how do other pet influencers compare? reveals some surprises.

The Special Reports Team at used Influencer Marketing Hub’s Instagram Earnings Calculator, to discover each pet’s average earnings per post.

For celebrity pets, overall, here are the Average Earnings Per Post:

  1. Jiffpom– $27,153

  2. Nala the Cat– $11,517

  3. Doug the Pug– $10,575

  4. Juniper the Fox– $8,026

  5. Grumpy Cat– $6,659

  6. Lil Bub– $6,244

  7. Smoothie the Cat– $5,897

  8. Henry & Baloo– $5,637

  9. Tuna– $5,599

  10. Mr. White– $5,405

And felines feel the financial love most:  Out of the top 10 highest earners, 6 are cats!

To see the full list of pet influencers and their earnings, read the study here.