Is Pumpkin Spice Over Yet?  Nope.  How About a Pumpkin Spice Oil Change?
You can actually get one.  But who’s gonna taste (or even sniff) THAT?  No one.
However, some folks actually want to try some of these:
America’s Strangest Pumpkin Spice Foods 
Google Trends now releases the most uniquely-searched trends on the fall flavor, and it finds some strange concoctions.

Some highlights:

Arizona has been searching for Pumpkin Spice Spam.

Delaware is on the hunt for Pumpkin Spice Deer Jerky.

Californians are looking for Pumpkin Spice Red Vines.

South Dakotans are curious about Pumpkin Spice Tamales.

Some more common searches include pie, rolls, donuts, OREOs, and pudding.

(Sample more, here (or not):  The Takeout)


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