ABC/Image Group LA; ABC/Mark LevineBlake Shelton jokes that Garth Brooks has been “bullying” him a “little bit” about being “Mr. Stefani.” Of course, that’s a reference to Blake’s equally famous significant other, pop star Gwen Stefani.

The alleged incident occurred last weekend, when the two performed their hit duet “Dive Bar” together for the first time at Garth’s stadium show in Boise, Idaho.  

“I got a text from my man here earlier that said, ‘Hey, man, we got your dressing room set up for you,’” Blake told Entertainment Tonight. “And he sent me a picture and it was a paper that said ‘Mr. Stefani’ on it.”

Blake — ever the perpetual jokester — vowed that he wouldn’t retaliate because Garth is one of the only people he considers out of bounds when it comes to his verbal jabs.

“It sucks because Garth is kind of off-limits,” Blake explains. “You can’t mess with him because he’s like the godfather of country music.”

Garth denied it, responding, “You ever think this big of a boy has been bullied, ever?”

Of course, Garth calling Blake “Mr. Stefani” is hardly bullying, since the Country Music Hall of Famer frequently refers to himself as “Mr. Yearwood” as a gesture of affection toward his wife, Trisha Yearwood.

Look for Garth to release the footage of the two singing “Dive Bar” in the coming days.

In the meantime, fans are waiting for Garth to reveal the second stop on his Dive Bar Tour. He’d planned to make the announcement Monday on Inside Studio G on Facebook, but apologized because the details weren’t yet finalized.

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