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Is Jon Pardi Getting his New Bride a Cow for Christmas?

Jon Pardi’s new bride wants a Highland cow for Christmas.  They’re big, fluffy, and very tame.  If he does pull the trigger, he’ll have to get him a companion . . . like a miniature donkey or a goat.


Jon Pardi‘s wife has told him exactly what she wants for Christmas, so he can knock that off the list, right? Not exactly.

What Summer Pardi wants is a cow…  Specifically:  a Highland cow.  They’re originally from Scotland and they’re not easy to come by.

He talked about it in a recent interview… Quote, “They’re big, fluffy cows, and they’re very tame. Basically, they’re really great in a petting zoo, and she really wants one.”

If he does come through for his new bride, it’ll lead to more work . . . for him.  Pardi says, “I’ll [have to] build a pen, build a little shed for him, run water, and like . . . you can’t just buy a cow. Then you gotta get him a buddy, that’s the other thing. So it’s either gonna be a donkey, or a miniature donkey . . . I would like a goat.”

What’s the strangest Christmas gift someone’s asked you for?

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