Imagine:  You Get to the Airport and Blake Shelton is There…  But He’s Really There

Blake Shelton Surprises Travelers at Ole Red Nashville Airport Location

Nashville Airport is unique, with entertainment venues and live music featured in several terminals.

But, recently, it became a little more extraordinary:  Travelers were surprised to see Blake Shelton perform at his Ole Red bar.

Shelton walks out of the kitchen, greets fans, poses for pictures, and heads to the stage to sing one of his first major hits, “Ole Red,” which lends its name to Shelton’s bar.

The brand has locations in Nashville, Tishomingo, Oklahoma, Orlando, Florida, and Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

The “Old RedInstagram shared photos from the pop-up performance with the caption, “POV:  You’re having lunch at Ole Red during a layover in the Nashville airport, and the bossman shows up.

…Sounds like a good time to order a “flight.”  🙂

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