Imagine Thomas Rhett as a Chef…  It Could Happen

Thomas Rhett recently pondered what he would do if he wasn’t a top country singer.

I would try to get my real estate license, and I would also love to go to culinary school.  I still might one day,” says Rhett.  “I love to cook so much.  Like, anytime I’m at a really nice restaurant, I love getting to meet the chef, gettin’ to talk to the chef, and kinda understanding why certain things go together, and, ‘Oh, you chop like that?  Let me show you how to really chop an onion.’  Or, ‘Let me show you how to really season a steak.’  Or, ‘Let me show you how to really seer something or smoke something.’”

Thomas explains:  “Cause the little knowledge that I have impresses my family enough; but it would be really fun to learn why.  So, you can find me at culinary school maybe in the next three or four years.  It would be a blast.”

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