‘ICE’ – But Not Actual Ice – It’s Now Considered the Most Rude Habit at the Table

This Is Now the Rudest Dining Habit Ever

If you’ve ever felt the urge to tell someone about an ingredient which is not in a dish, but that YOU think could make it taste better, stop it.

This behavior, known as “invidious comparison eating” or “ICE,” is now considered the “rudest dining habit ever.”  So says social media, of course.  The idea is that it’s bad manners, for a regular customer or a houseguest, to presume -and then actually say – that he or she could out-do the chef or the host.

If you’re ever a victim of ICE, it’s said the best way to control yourself from spazzing out is to say something like, “you think so?” or “that’s an interesting suggestion.”

I don’t know about you, but I (sadly) can think of a lot more bad dining habits which are even worse than that.  LOL  Time spent as wait-staff will teach much.

[What is your dining pet peeve?  Are you guilty of ICE?]

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