‘I Had Been Kidnapped’:  Tiktoker Says She Found Out She Was a ‘Missing Person’ Since 1980

An unnamed 42-year-old Tiktoker learned that she was a missing person and she’s been missing since 1980.  After finding out that her current mother wasn’t her biological mother, she turned to the police to locate more information – through criminal records.

The woman explained in the video that the sheriff she was talking to urged her to sit as he delivered the devastating news, “I had been [missing] since 1980. There was a police investigation I could not access because the records had been archived, but I had been kidnapped,” the woman said.

The Tiktoker, who goes by @thebeardedmom, has shared 15 videos.  They update her story, and reveal that her biological mother had sold her.  But her biological grandmother had reported her missing; and her mother went along with that.

When she reunited with her biological mother, it didn’t go well.

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