HunterGirl Gets Luke Bryan’s Hips Shaking on ‘American Idol’ Singing THIS

During Monday night’s “American Idol,” episode, once again, HunterGirl had the judges singing her praises – and one judge was dancing.

When given the task to sing one of three songs picked by the judges, HunterGirl held her own with a Dolly Parton song.

They picked three great songs, and now I’m just like ‘oh my gosh, which child is my favorite?” HunterGirl questioned.  “When the judges picked two Dolly Parton songs, I was like okay, I think they want me to do a Dolly song.”

After her performance of the challenging hit, “9 to 5,” Ryan Seacrest asked HunterGirl whom she thought had selected the song.  Her first guess was Lionel Ritchie.  But it was Luke Bryan.

Bryan was on his feet, dancing, during HunterGirl’s performance.  She’s in the Top 10.

Do you think HunterGirl is the next American Idol?

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