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How Will This Predator Teach a Kid to Walk?

You’re a parent, and you’re SO SICK of the “Baby Shark” song.  You know the one:  it’s from a popular kids’ show, and the theme song’s so popular, it even charted.

According to the TipHero, “The Pinkfong kiddie hit first came on the pop scene abut two years ago and has since racked up over two billion views on YouTube.”  So, why not invent an item which would guarantee that parents and kids, alike, hear that song “every step of the way”?

How can a cold-blooded predator from the ocean who has 

no feet teach your little kids to walk?

Like this:  “Get ready folks, because the WowWee Baby Shark Melody Walker will be available for purchase in October 2019.”

The walker is a fun way to help your little one hit a milestone—walking!  And “best” of all, it will move to the tune of our favorite melody:  You guessed it, Baby Shark!  The cool part about it, is that the Baby Shark walker only plays the song while in motion; so, once the wheels starts rolling, that familiar tune will play and interactive lights will flicker.  The walker remains music-less otherwise.

“That means, whenever your child is walking, the song will play, so it’s a super fun way to encourage them to get walking on those legs.  Well, depending how you feel about the song, you may just want to keep them crawling until they’re seven.  Kidding!” according to TipHero.

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