How We’ll Be Eating in the Future

There’s no doubt you’ve been to the grocery store and noticed short supplies. By 2050, food production will need to increase by 70 percent to sustain demand, but here are ways food will be sustainable in the future.  Planting food upwards with vertical gardens is trending. The crops are stacked layers using hydroponics and aeroponics without soil and sunlight. Growing underground is happening in France where temperatures are cooler and LED lights help grow the food.  Lab-grown meat will be a thing. Singapore is leading with meat using animal cells that don’t include slaughtering. If you think that is strange how about eating air? Its protein from microbes and air. Alcohol is being made from legumes instead of wheat and barley in Finland. The waste from the pea crops is turned into high-protein animal feed. Food labels will also give more than ingredients and calorie information but also environmental impacts.

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