How Do You Forget Taylor Swift’s Name – When You’re in a Video with her?

Zach Gilford Confesses He Forgot Taylor Swift’s Name When He Starred in the ‘Ours’ Music Video

He thought it might be “Tyler.”  Really?!!  This is a happy reminder that we’re all human, I think.  LOL

Taylor Swift and Zach Gilford may have been “head over heels in love‘” in her 2011 music video for “Ours,” but behind the scenes, it was completely different:  Gilford didn’t even know Swift’s first name.

Over a decade later, Gilford admits he couldn’t remember if it was “Taylor” or “Tyler” Swift.

But he handled it brilliantly:  Instead of getting her name wrong, Gilford would refer to her – or address her – as “Ms. Swift.”

I’d go ‘Ms. Swift.  She’s so great.  She’s so sweet.  She’s so great to work with.’  And I was terrified … I would have been the first person ever canceled, if I said her name wrong,” the Friday Night Lights actor said.

Forgetting or not knowing someone’s name, isn’t that one of the worst feelings?  It does happen to everyone.

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