How Bad Is Bed-Rotting?
The term “bed-rotting” has taken social media by storm…  But is it bad for you?

Well, first of all, what IS it?

Bed-rotting is the act of spending all day bundled up, with nothing on the agenda.  It’s not really new.  It’s just a new name for wasting a day in bed.

While experts say a duvet day, watching TV and resting can be healthy, a bed-rotting session should not span multiple days.  This can be a sign of another problem, like depression or burnout.

While there’s nothing wrong with bedrotting every now and then to recharge your batteries…  doing this frequently, which is three times per week or more, is a sign that your nervous system is actively shutting down,” stress-relieving coach Liz Tenuto said.

Experts also recommend you keep aware of excessive social media use and food intake during these duvet days.  They’re not good in excess.

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