Hotel Shampoo and Conditioner Warning:  Former Boss Says Don’t Use Those Dispensers
Grim, Gross Warning for Travelers: 
Ex-hotel Boss Refuses to Use Shampoo and Conditioner from Hotel Dispensers

A former hotel manager says she will never use the free shampoo and conditioner many hotels provide for guests, because of a dark history she’s witnessed, with these shower freebies.

It’s not so much the little sample sizes (pictured, here) – unless you can see they’ve been opened – it’s the dispenser bottles now favored by even some upscale hotels.

The ex-hotel boss took to social media, to let nearly 69-thousand people know that these dispensers shouldn’t be trusted.  That’s because she’s seen bodily fluids and toxic products, like Nair (hair remover), leftover in these tubes.  There are strange, sick people out there, who think messing with the shampoo or conditioner is funny.

She says people can easily tamper with bottles which can unscrewed by any person who wants to mess with the contents.

She went on to say that shampoo and conditioner dispensers which need a special key to lock are a safer bet; because they are exclusively refilled by trustworthy staff.

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