HOT MESS:  When You’re in That Hot Tub – What Else Is in There with You?

It is actually a “hot mess” of sorts.

Do you enjoy relaxing in a hot tub?  You might change your mind…  because it’s the opposite of “relaxing,” to find out what’s really in there.

Hot tubs have been used since ancient Greeks and Romans enjoyed their benefits.  But this age-old tradition has a dirty little secret:  Whatever we have on our skin gets into the water around us, and this can include feces and urine.

And:  When you’re relaxing in a spa-tub, it’s likely you will breathe in bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  The more people in the tub with you, the higher the level of different feces (or other personal substance) in the water.

Modern day trouble:  Chemicals which are used to purify water can also cause skin and eye irritation; so be sure to rinse off, after you’ve been in.

It’s not all bad news, though:  Hot tubs can help with muscles, sore joints, and psychological well-being.  Study Finds offers more information from recent research.

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