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Homework Shirts?

Happy man in white t-shirt on white background

Does your child need help getting into “a homework state of mind?” Pediatrician Ken Haller said he believes that something as simple as a T-shirt can do the trick. Haller, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, says parents should invest in what he calls “homework shirts” for their children. Haller says there are a lot of examples in life when you dress a certain way to tackle a given task. You frequently dress formally to go to a wedding. Athletes wear uniforms to play their sport. Curious to see if wearing something special put him in the mood to study, Haller tested out an ordinary gray T-shirt. He says when was he done with homework he took it off and felt a sense of relief that he had accomplished something. Haller suggested having just one “homework shirt” for your child to wear while doing homework during the school year.

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