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Holy Days… That’s What These ‘Holidays’ Really Are… Where YOU Are Welcome

Hey, it’s Mo, and at the holidays, now, I want to offer this virtual hug, and THANK YOU, for spending your time with us.  These days are truly special, truly HOLY, and they’re not to be wasted.

Some may argue that there’s a “war on Christmas.”  If you think there is, then you must know it will never succeed.  The CHRIST-MASS – for that’s what this time truly is – includes every one of us, as everyone is made in the image of our Creator, regardless of your religion or spirituality, which honors the Great Love.

The Great Goodness has persevered and conquered evil, over all time, and does, yet again.

All are welcome at the Christ-Mass…  ALL.  That’s how I feel, here.  YOU are welcome in my heart, and all of ours.

This Christmas, let’s remember that we are like snowflakes…  each made in the image…  each made of the same stuff, whether flesh and blood, or water and temperature.  Yet, each of us is unique – AS WE SHOULD BE, AS WE WERE INTENDED TO BE.  Let’s celebrate our differences, rather than argue them.

Your place is set at this table, and you are WELCOME IN OUR HEARTS.  Merry Christ-Mass, and happy Holy Days, no matter how you celebrate them.  I send you unconditional love, like the Great Creator, and the Holy Infant.


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