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Here’s Who Will Travel for Labor Day Weekend – And Who Won’t Mask Up

One in Five Americans Will Travel Over Labor Day Weekend – Even with Kids Under 12

The CDC is asking unvaccinated people NOT to travel for Labor Day.  But it sounds like plenty of people will be ignoring that advice.

A Labor Day poll found 51 million Americans are traveling this weekend.  That’s about one in five and includes 30% of people with kids under 18.  More than one in six people who plan to travel say they won’t mask up at all during their trip.

Here are a few more quick stats about Labor Day travel plans:

1.  At least 29 million people HAVE cancelled their travel plans because of the Delta variant.  That’s around 11% of Americans.

2.  38% of people traveling this weekend will go to another state.  Florida is the top destination, followed by California and New York.

3.  70% of people will drive, and 23% will fly.

4.  44% will stay in a hotel – 37% will stay with family or friends – and 10% have a vacation rental like Airbnb.  Another 9% said somewhere else, like camping.

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