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Here’s What Kids Typically WON’T Eat in a Packed Lunch – Top (Well, Bottom) Five

Brown paper lunch bag and a red apple sitting on top of textbooks against white background.

The “Top” (Bottom) Five Things Kids Won’t Eat in a Packed Lunch

With school starting back up, three out of five parents say they’re stressed about having to pack their kids’ lunch again.  Especially because your kid might not even eat it all anyway.

The poll looked at some of the most common things kids leave uneaten at lunch.  And yes, vegetables are #1.  But we were surprised that kids leave a lot of JUNK FOOD behind, too.

1.  Vegetables.  83% of parents make sure veggies are in there.  But it’s the part of their lunch that they’re least likely to eat.

2.  Fruit.

3.  The main part of their meal.

4.  Salty snacks.

5.  Sweet snacks.

The poll also found parents spend an average of $390 extra on groceries PER CHILD during the school year.

Unpack more, here:  (SWNS)



A poll found vegetables are the #1 thing kids leave behind in their packed lunch.  Fruit is next.  And the main part of their meal is third.

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