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Here’s the Scoop on the Poop. Pick Up One, Instead of Three. And MORE Animal News…

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1.  Sick of picking up dog poop?  Researchers at the University of Illinois found you can make your dog poop less by feeding them human-grade dog food.  It’s easier to digest, and they eat less because it has more nutrients.  They say it can cut the amount of poop you’ll scoop by 66%.

2.  In other poop news:  Animal experts think they’ve figured out why wombats evolved to have cube-shaped feces.  They tend to climb on a lot of rocks and logs, and have to mark their territory.  And the cube shape prevents it from rolling off.

3.  Speaking of evolution:  Researchers at Harvard tweaked a single gene in zebrafish.  And it added new bones to their front fins that made them look more like LEGS.  They think it’s more proof of how quickly animals can evolve if they need to.

4.  We keep hearing that one of these days, we’ll all be eating crickets and other bugs.  But a new study found that if you’re allergic to shellfish, there’s a good chance you’re allergic to cricket meat too.

5.  Researchers in Madagascar discovered the world’s smallest reptile . . . a chameleon that can fit on the tip of your finger.  And this part’s fun:  The males’ JUNK is almost 20% of its total body size.

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