WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Gift Giving – Here’s the Most Dangerous Toy a Kid Could Get
Valley of gifts leads towards Christmas tree

Gift Giving:  The Most Dangerous Toy a Kid Could Get Is a Scooter


The days of lawn darts might be long gone, but there are still plenty of dangerous toys you can give your kids for Christmas.  Can you guess what the MOST dangerous one is?

A study looked at how many injuries different types of toys have caused over the last five years, and there’s a clear winner.

SCOOTERS – like the ones made by the brand Razor – have caused over 190,000 injuries, since 2016.  That includes injuries for both kids and adults.

Balls are next at 108,000 injuries.  That includes footballs, baseballs, and every other type of ball.  So, the fact that scooters have racked up almost twice as many victims is pretty scary.

Toy cars like Hot Wheels are next, followed by building sets that come with small pieces.  So choking hazards and things kids can swallow are part of it.

Frisbees and boomerangs are fifth, followed by games and game parts, dolls and action figures, toy boxes or chests, tricycles, and balloonsBALLOONS, after they’ve POPPED are one of the MOST DEADLY CHOKING HAZARDS.

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The most dangerous toy you can buy your kid for Christmas is a Razor scooter.  They’ve caused over 190,000 injuries in the past five years.  Various types of balls are next at 108,000 injuries.


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