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Here’s How We Really Feel About Working from Home…

People Love Working from Home . . . But Have Trouble Keeping Their Family from Interrupting and Eat More Snacks

One day, as hard as it is to believe sometimes, it’s going to be safe to go into an office again to work.  But if you’ve been working from home during the pandemic . . . will you even WANT to?

According to a new survey, people love the work-from-home life . . . even though it’s not perfect.

The survey found 74% of people who are working from home right now want to keep doing it . . . or do it on most days . . . once the pandemic is over.

But . . . there are downsides.

37% of people find they work longer hours.  60% say distractions from their family and pets make it harder to concentrate.  43% have trouble keeping their family from interrupting them.  42% have been eating more snacks. And 26% say they’re drinking more alcohol.

See more, here:  (PR Newswire)

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