CMT asked country stars how they handle the haters on social media who tell them old school country is better.  Jason Aldean wishes they’d move on and get a hobby . . . Sam Hunt doesn’t understand why they even listen . . . and Scotty McCreery acts polite, and then lets his fans go to war with them.


Maybe you love all kinds of country music, or just some of it.  But there are people who are strictly old school.  And they tend to let artists know, when they don’t think something is pure country.  Sometimes it’s not very nice.  And, folks forget that country was like the original “alternative.”  Well, CMT hears it, too.  So, they asked some of today’s country stars how they feel about it.

Jason Aldean said, quote, “I’d like to buy them all a stamp collector kit so that they have a hobby because apparently, we have some bored people out there.”

Sam Hunt doesn’t understand why they even bother.  Quote, “If you don’t enjoy the music, why would you listen to it and if somebody does enjoy it, why would you detour them from doing that?”  (Sam likely meant “deter.”)

And then there’s Scotty McCreery who makes a game out of it.  He puts on his happy face and responds politely . . . and then turns into a spectator.

Quote, “[Then] I sit back five or ten minutes and watch the fans attack them.  It’s just so funny to watch them get attacked.”

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