Here’s How to Save Sad-Looking Houseplants
Sarah Gerrard-Jones has saved and revived over 200 abandoned houseplants.  She started with orchids, which a store had discarded, because the plant was no longer flowering.  Then she documented her recovery process on Instagram.

If you have pests, drooping, or a plant that’s looking unhappy, it’s usually because of a lack of light,” Gerrard-Jones said.

She recommends you give plants plenty of sunlight (if that’s what they need, or shade if they’ve been burned).

And she recommends that you buy older plants, which are not as sensitive as younger ones.

Gerrard-Jones also advises you learn about, or research, a particular plant’s biological needs.  “Think about what they need, not just what you want,” she added.  These days, you can look up the plant on the internet, and see specific instructions.

Every living thing needs water

The other key ingredient is timeJust spend a little time on them, each day – because it’s good for you, too.  Talking to them sounds funny, but it helps them get carbon dioxide from your breath, then they return oxygen to you.


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