Here’s How to Check If You Were Vaccinated for Certain Illnesses as a Child
FILE - In this June 11, 2021, file photo, healthcare worker prepares inject a student with a dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine during a vaccination clinic hosted by Jewel Osco at London Middle School in Wheeling, Ill. As cases fall and states reopen, the potential final stage in the U.S. campaign to vanquish COVID-19 is turning into a slog, with a worrisome variant gaining a bigger foothold and lotteries and other inducements failing to persuade some Americans to get vaccinated. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh, File)

With the re-emergence of polio, many people now wonder if they were ever vaccinated against it.  Certainly, the world has re-learned, recently, the absolute necessity of vaccination availability, to prevent both epidemic and pandemic.

So, how do you determine what you’ve been immunized against, and what you haven’t?

Here are a few ways you can find out your immunization status:

  •  * Ask your parents, guardian or close family member
  • *  Ask your family physician If you are a veteran check with the military.
  • If none of the above are options, there are blood tests available, to determine if you had certain childhood vaccines or are protected through previous infection.
  • You can also get re-vaccinated.
  • It’s important to note that some vaccinations, which we did get as children, like the shot to prevent German measles, may actually wear off.  Doctors have found that some of those immunizations only last 30 years or so.  That means you may need to re-vaccinate, as an update.
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