Here are the activities that parents like doing with their kids the most, according to a new survey:  Going for walks . . . going to the park . . . reading . . . coloring or drawing . . . and going to the beach.


Spending time with your kids is fulfilling and important and a blessing and all that, but sometimes it can get a little . . . or VERY . . . repetitive.

So a new survey asked parents what activities they like doing with their kids the most; in case you need some ideas to vary things – after week 51 of the pandemic.  Check ’em out . . .

1.  Going for walks.

2.  Going to the park.

3.  Reading.

4.  Coloring or drawing.

5.  Going to the beach.

6.  Baking or cooking.

7.  Having a picnic.

8.  Feeding the ducks.

9.  Playing hide and seek.

10.  Going to the zoo.

There’s more fun, here:  (SWNS Digital)

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