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Here Are the Top Five Home Improvement Projects We’ve Tackled During Pandemic

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A survey reveals the top five home improvement projects we’ve tackled during pandemic are:  painting . . . landscaping . . . re-caulking or re-tiling . . . and plumbing fixes.


We heard about a survey last month, which finds that most of us are using extra time indoors, during pandemic, on home improvement projects.  And this backs that up . . .

A new survey found 81% of millennial homeowners have tackled at least one home improvement project since March.  And half said it was because they just needed something to do.

Here are the top five projects they’ve taken on . . .

1.  Painting a wall, room, or piece of furniture in your home.  A third of people who’ve done a project in the last six months said they’ve painted.

2.  Improving your yard, or working on a landscaping project.

3.  Re-caulking in the kitchen or bathroom.

4.  Re-tiling the kitchen or bathroom.

5.  Plumbing fixes.

The top projects we still HOPE to tackle this year include new lighting . . . bathroom and kitchen renovations . . . improving the patio . . . and replacing windows before it gets too cold.

Tackle more, here:  (SWNS)

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