Heinz Releases Ketchup-Stained Clothing Collection – Wait, What?

Finally!  Clothes for messy eaters!  Shout it out!  Or not…

Heinz is releasing a new clothing collection that features “ketchup” stains.

Heinz teamed up with clothing retailer ThredUp for what is described as “157 secondhand streetwear and designer pieces, each with a unique Heinz ketchup stain.”

You can buy the collection exclusively through ThredUp’s website.

Should Shout or Tide make the matching accessories?  Maybe Gulden’s?

Let’s hope for a mustard-stain collection, here in Chicago…  Maybe a little sport-relish, too…

Would you buy any of these clothes?  Are you a messy eater?  Is it just funny?  🙂

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