Have You Seen ‘Cocaine Bear’?  Here’s a Real-Life Cocaine-Cat

Zoo Caring for Wildcat Who Tested Positive for Cocaine 

[pictured here is a captured tiger, which is bigger than the serval wildcat in this story]

If you thought the movie, Cocaine Bear, was pretty farcical, you aren’t alone.  But here comes the real-life version of that kind of story, and a wild animal who really suffered.

The Cincinnati Zoo is currently taking care of a kind of “Cocaine Cat.”

A wildcat, named Amiry, now rests, and gets treated at the zoo.  It had been found in a local neighborhood, with a broken leg.

Zoo officials say Amiry also tested positive for cocaine exposure.

Amiry is a serval, a type of African wildcat – which is illegal to own as a pet, in Ohio.

Zoo officials hope and believe that he’ll make a full recovery.

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