It’s National Waffle Day, so the topic is breakfast foods . . .


  • Waffle House has been around longer than IHOP.
  • Yes:  The first Waffle House opened in 1955.  The first IHOP opened three years later in 1958.


  • According to Guinness, the largest waffle ever made was just over eight feet across.
  • Yes:  It weighed 110 pounds.  A group in the Netherlands cooked it up in 2013.


  • Cereal maker Post is dishing up a Chicken and Waffles version of its Honey Bunches of Oats.  
  • Yes:  A hearty serving of chicken and waffles is coming soon to your cereal bowl – but for a limited time.


  • Kellogg’s just came out with a blue waffle, which must be quickly pulled from shelves – as “offensive.”
  • Yes:  The cereal and breakfast food giant just named its new, raspberry flavored waffles Mermaid Waffles” – but they didn’t look up “blue waffle” in Urban Dictionary before they launched these…   Because it turns out that’s a slang term for . . . well . . . for lady parts which are struggling with an STD.  Oops.


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