Happy National VIDEO GAMES Day! Unless You’re an Addict… Check This.

Seriously, today could be cause for a really fun celebration of gaming…  Or, it could be the one day to set things back to normal.

Did you know that some experts now believe that Video Gaming can be considered an “addiction,” or a “disorder” – which is the term most of them agree on.  It’s true.

They say the best way to know if someone has gone way to far down the video road is if you ask family and friends about their habit.  You’ll likely get a real picture of what’s going on.  If someone you love is missing out on actual living, because of gaming, it might be time to call in a counselor – or maybe even have an intervention.

Mo lays it all out for you – just click on her picture, here at https://www.wccq.com and Work Smarter Not Harder on the problem.

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