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Um, Happy Birthday?  You’re More Likely to Die on Your Birthday Than Any Other Day

Your birthday might be cause for celebration, but you’re statistically more-likely to die that day.

Researchers from Canada have recently found that stroke risks are heightened on birthdays, especially in those with high blood pressure.

Study leader, Dr. Vladeta Ajdacic-Gross, says the findings demonstrate that the risk of death is greater for certain causes, like accidents and suicides.

University of Hertfordshire’s Professor Richard Wiseman wasn’t involved in the research, but he adds, “It seems to be a valid finding.  There are two camps– one is the camp that suggests you eat too much and you’re getting on a bit and that causes you to die.  The other is a placebo effect.  You are knife-edged on death.  And you kept yourself going until your birthday.  You think ‘that’s it I’ve had enough I’m out of here.’”

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  • A new study reconfirms an older finding– your risk of dying on your birthday is statistically higher than other days of the year
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