Halloween Costumes – Here Are This Year’s Most Popular

You May See These Costumes a Lot This Year…

Google predicts the most popular Halloween costumes for this year.

The search engine has compiled data, based on which costumes people are searching for the most.

The most popular search, nationally, was for witches, followed by Spiderman, dinosaurs, Stranger Things and fairies.

Pirates, clowns, vampires, the 1980’s and Hocus Pocus also made the list.

Funny costumes include “Flo” from Progressive Insurance, Lieutenant Dangle, Nacho Libre, Ace Ventura (complete with parrot on shoulder) and a charcuterie board.


Russell Dickerson and his wife and son have a very unique family Halloween costume planned…  Russell tells us that the costume idea comes from his two-year-old son Remington’s favorite animated TV show:  “Nobody is gonna get our Halloween costume but it’s too perfect.  One of his favorite shows is called Trash Truck on Netflix, and it’s this cute little blonde kid.  It looks exactly like Remington.  Like, he’s got the gap between his teeth, and his best friend is the trash truck, and so in the show it’s the kid, the trash truck and a raccoon and a bear.  Kales (Kailey) is gonna be the raccoon and I’m gonna be the big black bear.”

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