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Guys: If You Think Your Marriage Hurts, You’re More Likely to Die Faster

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Study:  Men Who Perceive Their Marriage As Unsuccessful Are At High Risk For Premature Death

Dissatisfaction with married life is not associated with good health, especially for men.

Tel Aviv University researchers have found that perceiving marriage as “unsuccessful” is a significant predictor of whether a man will die from a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), and of premature death among men.

Researchers looked at over 30 years of health data.  They found that men, who rated their marriage as unsuccessful, were 69-percent more likely to die from a stroke, compared to those who rated their marriage as highly successful.

Also, among happily married men’ there were 19-percent fewer deaths from any cause, over the course of the study, compared to unhappily married men.

Study leader, Dr. Shahar Lev-Ari adds, “The level of satisfaction with marriage has emerged as a predictive factor for life expectancy at a rate comparable with smoking (smokers versus non-smokers) and physical activity (activity versus inactivity.)

Learn more, here:  (EurekAlert!)

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