Guess How Many of Us Don’t Know our Partner’s Actual Salary…
One in Ten (10%) of Americans Don’t Know their Partner’s Salary
A poll of 2,000 adults – in serious relationships – now reveals that 10% of Americans don’t know their partners’ salaries.

15% don’t know how much their partner has in savings, nor what their credit score is.

However, one out of five reveal that they have their own financial secrets.

Almost one out of three, 27%, of Gen Z-ers keep their credit score from their partner.  That’s the most of any generation.

Other common financial secrets include how much debt someone has, where they spend money, and how many different bank accounts they have.  Some psychologists refer to the secrecy of it as “financial infidelity.”

The OnePoll survey, conducted for the Chime banking app, shows that 30% of Americans (almost one in threee) prefer a partner with a high salary.

And 43% think that whoever makes more money should pay for most of the bills.

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