Guess How Many Grown-Ups Flush Objects Down the Toilet.
80% Of Adults Flush Objects Down the Toilet  – That’s Four Out of Five
About 80% of adults have flushed something down the toilet that they shouldn’t have, a survey of 2,000 people found.  21% have flushed hair.  27% of women have disposed of tampons.  And 10% have flushed animal waste.

Other items which often “end up” in the porcelain bowl include cigarettes, make-up, medicine, and cooking grease.

56% of those who were polled claimed they did not know the impact their actions would have on our environment.

The findings suggest we may not be aware that everyday actions can also negatively impact our planet,” Poppy Dixon of Sky UK said.  “Our actions and the life quality of our marine animals are more closely intertwined than we may think.

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