Great News for Lazy People!  4-Second Workouts Might Be Enough

A new study, out this month, reveals that doing FOUR-SECOND bursts of intense exercise – throughout the day – can counteract all the sitting we do.

In the journal “Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise,”  researchers say they wanted to know if super-short bursts of intense exercise did any good.  So they made people sit for six hours straight, then put them on a stationary bike.

They made them peddle as hard as they could for four seconds – followed by a 45-second break – and they repeated that process, five times.

Each person did it once per hour, for eight hours, throughout the day.

That might sound like a lot.  But in total, that’s only 2 minutes and 40 seconds of actual exercise per day.  And it made a significant improvement of  their health, within 24 hours.

When doctors tested their blood the next day, their triglycerides were 30% lower than the day before.  And their metabolism had jumped, so they were burning more calories even when they were doing nothing.

The study used bikes, but any sort of high-intensity exercise could work.  Even a few sets of jumping jacks, once per hour, could make a big difference.

See the full story, here:  DNYUZ

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