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Goth, Could It Be That Black Wedding Dresses Are Back?

Modern brides don’t feel obliged to wear white.

Wedding dress sellers note there’s increased interest in black bridal gowns.  Many don’t realize this was popular about a hundred years ago.

According to Google Trends, searches for “black wedding dress” have kept pace with searches for “white wedding dress,” over the past 12 months.

In September and October 2021, “black wedding dress” was even searched for more than “white wedding dress,” on Google.

The trend has picked up so much since last year that David’s Bridal, which had previously only offered black wedding dresses by custom order, will offer black versions of its most popular gown styles, in select stores for the first time, this fall.

Laura McKeever, senior manager of brand PR, philanthropy and communications with David’s Bridal says, “The concept of what’s considered traditional has evolved.

We started to see this in 2021, with couples wanting to throw traditional wedding rules out the window.

Brides, who’ve had to postpone their weddings, because of the pandemic, now want their special day to be unique.

They want to wear what they want on their big day.

They are picking unique venues, they’re wearing sneakers and having food trucks at their weddings.

Other bridal gown colors, which are gaining popularity, include blue, champagne, purple, and red options.

David’s Bridal says that, as a result, they’ve upped their selection of gowns, in unconventional colors, by 30-percent this year.  There’s more to the story, here:  (CNN)


  • Wedding dress sellers, including David’s Bridal, are offering brides more black wedding dress options as it’s become a trend over the last year—in fact, Google Trends data indicates there were more searchers for “black wedding dress” in September and October 2021 then there were searches for “white wedding dress”

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