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Got Your Vaccine Card? Here’s How to Protect It

WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER4 Tips for Protecting Your Vaccine Card

So you’ve finally got a vaccine card.  What now?

CNN offers a few tips, to help you make sure that your proof of vaccination is protected and preserved.

First, double-check it, to make sure that all the information is correct – like your name, date of birth, etc.

Second, make a backup!  Experts recommend that you make a photocopy, and store it with your important documents – like your birth certificate.

Third:  Keep a photo of the card on your phone, or in your email – or both.

Finally, have a plan for what to do if your card is lost or damaged.  Your vaccine provider should be able to get you another copy.  Or you can check the CDC directory, for more ways to get help.

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