Got iPhone?  Got Scary Problem with a Default Feature in your Photos App
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TikToker Reveals ‘Scary’ Default Feature in the iPhone Photos App
If you have an iPhone, pay close attention to this.  You may unknowingly reveal your exact location to strangers.
That can be a serious safety hazard.
A TikTok user with the handle @shr0e posted a clip that reveals a default iPhone setting that means sending someone a photo can reveal the person’s exact location.  And it’s a real public service he’s providing – a very good deed.
In the clip he says, “I’m gonna show you why you need to be careful when you’re sending a picture or a video to someone.
He then opens a photo he was sent, saves the images, clicks it, and swipes up.  That swipe, up, shows your exact location on a map, and more.
He also showed how to disable the feature:  You can do this by going to your phone’s settings page, scrolling to “Privacy,” clicking on “Camera,” then under the section for “Allow Location Access,” change the setting to “Never.”

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  • A TikToker made a post that reveals a rather scary default setting on iPhones, that means sending someone a photo or video can reveal their exact location
  • You just have to save the photo, click the saved image, and swipe up
  • You can turn off this feature if you go into settings and follow the correct prompts
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