A couple in Florida, named Matt and Kelli Cameron, got married recently…  And instead of asking for gifts, they used their joyful occasion as an opportunity to give back . . .

Kelli works as a first-grade teacher; so she knows that a lot of kids’ parents can’t afford school supplies…  Which means teachers end up spending their own money on the kids, very often.

So instead of gifts, she and Matt asked people to buy school supplies, which they could DONATE.

The school where Kelli works didn’t need the help as much as another…  Kelli went so far as to reach out to her district, to find a school that did.  And all their wedding gifts went to a high-poverty rate elementary school in Tampa.

Their guests donated over 70 backpacks, filled with everything the children would need… from pens and notebooks, to water bottles and headphones.

Kelli says it’s really important for kids to feel excited when they start the school year.  And she’s glad they could help, even just a little bit.


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