Good Idea or Bad:  The Four-Day Work-Week…?
The largest study, ever, of the effects of a four-day workweek on workers, suggests that it’s a great idea.
The study involved thousands of employees, across Great Britain.  It has concluded that many of them felt healthier, happier and more productive, when they switched to a four day workweek from the traditional five days.
The workers committed to working 80% of their usual hours, but maintaining 100% of their productivity, according to a report from CNN.
So, has the work been getting done?  So far, productivity has actually increased from the previous “100%,” in many cases.
  • Would you agree to a four-day workweek if it meant doing as much work as you now do in five days?
  • What if the deal was four long days instead of five eight-hour days?
  • Would you take a four-day workweek even if it meant a pay cut?

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