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Getting a Text from Your Own Phone? Beware. Here’s Why.

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If the Text Is Coming from Your Own Phone, Beware…

If you get a spam text message – which comes from your own phone number – it’s not a good thing.

Verizon says it’s getting reports of these types of texts, in which the scammers are cloning the customers’ own phone numbers, and making it trickier to avoid the texts.

Verizon and other experts say since you can’t block your own number, the best course of action for now is to just not click on any links sent in those texts, and to delete the messages as well.

You can also file a “Your Number Is Being Spoofed” complaint with the FCC.

Verizon says it’s working on the issue, trying to get to “the source to prevent any further messages.”

Also know that, if it happens to you, your actual phone number hasn’t been hijacked, just subjected to “technological impersonation.”

Call up more, here:  (Newser)

  • If you get a text from your own phone number do not click on any links, and be sure to delete it—Verizon says it’s part of a new scam
  • If it does happen to you don’t fret—your number hasn’t been hijacked, just subjected to “technological impersonation”

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