George Strait Confesses:  He’s a TV Fanatic

George Strait loves his television.

The country icon admits he’s a big TV fan saying in a recent interview, “I watch TV a lot, believe it or not.  When I’m in the house and there’s a TV in the room, it’s on.”

Strait is a self-proclaimed big “Yellowstone’ and ‘1883’ fan.  “I’ve seen both and thought they were great. Tim and Faith were outstanding in 1883 and of course, Kevin Costner is always great.”

The King of Country is also contemplating bringing himself to the screen:  “I have given serious thought to a documentary, although I tend to procrastinate these days…  so right now a thought is all it is.  I have not thought about a movie, though.”

Faith Hill says her husband, Tim McGraw, has always idolized Strait…  Tables turned, a little.

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