George Strait Admits Pandemic Could’ve Ended his Career…  Here’s Why

Even the king of country music worried about his future, as the pandemic dragged on.

George Strait recently said, in an interview with Pollstar, “When live music shut down due to COVID, I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to play live again.  It made me really sit back and realize how fortunate I had been all of these years to be able to do that.  I mean, time was passing, and I wasn’t getting any younger.  It was scary.”

The Check Yes or No star added:  “I wasn’t ready to quit.  I think after we were able to come back it gave me a different appreciation for being able to perform for people.  I really, really love doing it and I’m so appreciative that my fans still love to come hear us.  There’s nothing like it and I can’t describe it.  Not many people get to do it at this level, and I feel very lucky and blessed to be one of those few.”

Strait anticipates doing maybe ten shows this year, and working on another record.

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