Garth Brooks is dropping two new albums today and WCCQ is letting Garth take over the airwaves. ‘Fun’ features 14 tracks, including Garth’s recent hits, “All Day Long,” “That’s What Cowboys Do” and “Dive Bar.” ‘Triple Live Deluxe’ feature 30 songs from Garth’s recent World and Stadium tours. Both albums drop Today, November 20th.
In honor of these 2 releases, Garth Brooks will be taking over the airwaves this morning from 9am-10am.

WCCQ listeners will get an unprecedented look “backstage and behind the scenes” via personal insights and reflections from the seven-time CMA Entertainer of the Year. Garth shares what the concert experience is like through his eyes – when he’s onstage, backstage before and after a show, and as he recounts some monumental concert moments.
Garth Brooks backstage & Behind the Scenes will air today 11/20 at 9am and again on Friday November 27th @ 3pm.

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