Garth Brooks Shares his Opinion of AI:  ‘It Scares Me To Death’

But he’s using it.  Garth Brooks recently spoke with the media about the controversial subject of AI.

After a press conference in Nashville, on Thursday (June 15,) to announce his new global country music radio station, the icon shared his thoughts.

I don’t know about that,” Brooks replied, when he was asked whether he’d record a song which was written by AI.  “You’re always open to any songs, so you don’t care who the writer is… unless it’s somebody that they’re trying to destroy the world.”

Brooks has had his own encounter with AI.  He revealed that, when TuneIn Radio, the platform which hosts The Big 615, asked him to record radio liners (messages to be played on-air), they ended up using AI, instead.   “They had liners they wanted me to do, so they went through AI to do it,” Brooks explained.  “And I’m going, ‘That’s me, I don’t remember doing these liners.’ I am listening to AI and it had the little laugh in it.”  But it wasn’t him.

How do you feel about AI infiltrating so many things?  Are things feeling a bit surreal?

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