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Garth Brooks says that he has lost 50 pounds to reach the same weight he was when he was 35. He is now 60. Garth told members of the media prior to his recent Croke Park run in Dublin, Ireland, “What happened was, weirdly, at the 25th anniversary of Croke Park and Central Park, and I was sitting there looking at it thinking everyone looks the same… what is wrong with your fat ass, here we go.”

After 16 years of being a “soccer dad” and out of the spotlight while his daughters were growing up, Garth admitted it took “awhile to get back to the artist feel,” like eight years, according to the superstar.

He now says he feels comfortable adding, “And I’m the same weight I was when we played here in 97, that’s what I want.”

Garth has two more shows in the set of five to play — Friday (September 16th) and Saturday (September 17th).

All of the Croke Park concerts are being filmed for an upcoming project. Garth said, “This film is going to come. I lost 50lbs and the film is going to add that right back.”



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