Garth Brooks on Jimmy Carter

Garth Brooks talked about his friend, former President Jimmy Carter, on Inside Studio G last night (2/20) after it was reported over the weekend that Carter, who is 98 years old, is now in hospice care and may not have long to live. “This guy has probably done more with his post-president life – arguably – than any other president. He’s carried this torch. And what he’s carried the torch for is empathy, understanding, and realizing that thoughts on the other side are different from the thoughts here, but both of them are toward love. And sometimes it’s just talking through it,” said Garth.  Brooks and his wife, Tricia Yearwood, have worked with the Carters on several Habitat For Humanity projects.  A statement from the Carters was released over the weekend stated that President Carter elected to stay home with friends and family instead of continuing medical intervention.