Garth Brooks Braved Traffic for Mitch Rossell’s Grand Ole Opry Debut

Are you going to see Mitch Rossell at Joe’s Live Rosemont, Friday the 12th?

Congrats, if you won the tickets with us.  You’ve got good taste – and you’re in good company – guess who is also a fan?

Before Mitch made his Grand Ole Opry debut, Saturday night, Garth Brooks braved heavy traffic to go support him.

Rossell was just about to step into the famous on-stage circle, when Brooks suddenly appeared from stage left, and took over the introduction from Opry announcer Mike Terry.

The sudden appearance of one of his country music heroes really moved Rossell.

I was not expecting that,” says Rossell after giving Brooks a heartfelt hug.  “I was having a hard enough time collecting myself, back there.  I can’t tell you what an honor it is to stand here.  I know that’s probably cliché to say; but the energy coming up through this floor is unbelievable.  I am just really grateful to be here.”

Rossell performed several songs, including “All I Need To See” and his latest single, “Son.”

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